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FAQ & iPad/iPhone instruction

Why the video player is not showing?

Attention! If you are using plugin like Adblocker that blocks the appearance of advertisements on your web browser (ex. Firefox, Chrome, Safari), in such a way you may block the display of a video player

Problems with movie loading while using Putlocker and Sockshare links?

If a Video with Putlocker or Sockshare links doesn't load on iPad, iPhone or iPod, you don't need to ask for VK links for this movie in comments!

Because all the movies with Putlocker or Sockshare links can be played on iPad, iPhone or iPod!!!

Almost all visitors that enter the All-movie.net via iPad, iPhone, iPod use the built-in Safari browser.

However, a significant drawback of Safari is its incompatibility with Flash-player , therefore, if you even have found and downloaded Flash-Player for iPad standard browser, it won't work; instead you should install one of the third-party browsers that support Flash:

For example, I recommend you to Download App Puffin Browser.

Below you find the list of other browsers that support Flash:

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