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Vice Academy Part 6

Loving Pablo


Ocean’s 8

Gonin 2

7 Days in Entebbe


Crazy Mama


The Queen of Crime


The Other Side of Madness

Crime, Comedy
A private applies to be a test subject for the military's new chemical weapons program. After many tests he decides to use his knowledge on chemical warfare to rob banks. He will need a partner, though.
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Signpost to Murder

Drama, Comedy, Crime
Adam West stars in The Specialist as Jerry Bounds, an ethical crusader fighting the water provider's initiatives to manipulate a neighborhood lake. John Anderson plays his opponent, Pike Smith, that at the beginning of the film smashes the glass away from a door at Bounds' law practice, to prove that "Nobody crucifixes Pike Smith as well as revenues by this!"
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The Specialist

Vice Raid



Breaking In

A Violent Man

Daphne & Velma

Crime, Comedy, Thriller, Mystery
Paul Manderley, eccentric chronicler, as well as his spouse, descendant from the Borgias, reside in a segregated castle-like residence in the Mojave Desert. When an attendee immediately collapses, Charlie Chan is actually invited to remain. As the regular mystery-mansion props enter play, as well as all methods of outside interaction are actually wrecked, it ends up being noticeable that people from the residents has access to toxins as well as is readied to utilize all of them ...
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Castle in the Desert

Crime, Drama, Film-Noir
"Night Editor" was based upon the already existing radio program in which a newspaper editor would recount the 'information' of some bit newspaper story, and later on ended up being a television series: This time, a night editor of a paper is narrating to a young press reporter, who is overlooking his job and better half and starting to drink too much. The story starts as a cops investigator, although devoted to his partner and young son, has actually participated in an affair with a society girl, also wed, and while they are parked out in the boonies on a lonesome roadway, they witness a murder. The detective, because of the situations of being where he is for the reason he is there, does not try to capture the killer and does not report the crime. He is later designated the case and soon recognizes that an innocent guy will take the blame, and the only way he can clear him is to detain the killer and end up being a witness against him. The story-teller also has a beneficial interest in the old case.
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Night Editor

Hooligan Escape The Russian Job