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Now We’re Alive (Et Maintenant Nous Sommes En Vie)
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As tradition requires, on his 25th birthday, Tom must choose the girl of his dreams, eyes shut, by the sound of her voice alone. Now, he must find her, guided solely by the memory of her voice. During his quest, Tom pictures her vividly and names her Jeanne. One evening after returning home from another fruitless search, he is surprised by a party and revelation: if he hasn't found his voice after thirty days, she will come to him. However, the young woman that reveals herself, Lea, is not the one he pictured; she is not the one he loves. Tom rejects Lea but his father assures him that she is indeed the one he chose on his birthday. He must marry Lea. Jeanne continues to appear to Tom when he closes his eyes, only now more vividly. Who is Jeanne? Does she exist, or is she a fantasy? Will Tom ever find her? From acclaimed French writer-director Thibault Arbre, comes a very poetic film about a young man facing an impossible quest - and an impossible love. Selected in several major ...
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