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Whoops Apocalypse
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A small British colony is invaded by its Communist neighbour. Newly elected female President of the United States, Barbara Adams, attempted to figure out the mess but the British under the leader of PM Sir Mortimer Chris sends in a job force to take the islands back. For vengeance, General Mosquera, leader of the Communist nation, works with the best terrorist worldwide, Lacrobat, to abduct the British princess Wendy to hold her to ransom to obtain the British out. So now Barbara has not only got to handle Mosquera and Lacrobat, she has likewise to handle Sir Mortimer, who totally goes mad and thinks up truly foolish concepts (such as pushing the jobless over a cliff which the entire work issue is triggered by wicked pixies.) Likewise with the fact that Russia is looking to help the Communist nation and this might begin World War III ...
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