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Pierce Pope was born on June 2nd, 2008 in Charlotte, NC. Almost from birth he exhibited a love for playacting and singing-any object that fit in his hand became a microphone, and any place he stood became a stage.At the age of 3, he got put on the cover of Blossom Magazine as part of their cover story on Discovery Place-Charlotte's science and technology museum.Calls started coming in, and by the age of four he was doing runway modeling and won "Junior Prince" in the International Prince and Princess Pageant. From there he started doing print work for local photographers, children's clothing companies and Little Ones Magazine; and in 2013 he was chosen to be a promo model for Charlotte Fashion Week.It was around that time that he attended an open call for Evolution Talent Agency. They signed him but insisted he get training. He therefore enrolled at Talent Inc. in Orlando, FL, which brought him to the attention of The Osbrink Talent Agency.Now having representation in both LA and the Southeast, Pierce's on-screen career took off in 2014, when he booked multiple episodes of It's Supernatural (2003) and the first of what has become a long list of regional and national commercials-including NASCAR, Pennzoil/Shell, Moore's Orthopedic, Schumacher Homes, Power Rangers, Volkswagen, and more.The following year brought him his first movie roles--in the independent films Chasing Grace (2015) and As Good As You (2015)--and in 2016 he booked lead roles in two dramatic shorts: Me + You (2016) and Flashlight (2016), as well as a lead role in an episode of _"A Haunting" {Demons Never Die (Mar 6, 2016)} (#Season 8, Episode 6)_, all in the first half of the year! Also, in their March, 2016 issue, Fashion Kids Magazine named Pierce one of the Top 100 Most Beautiful Kids in the World.Pierce has recently completed shooting on Seven Days 'Till Midnight (2017) and Insidious: The Last Key (2018), both of which will be released in 2017.Since his first classes at Talent Inc. he has gone on to get training from some of the top coaches on both coasts, and even though his career has him traveling a lot, he keeps up with classes at Acting Out Studio in his hometown of Charlotte, NC.He loves what he does as an actor and model, loves anything to do with art and music, and he loves just being a kid--playing with his friends and his three brothers.Pierce is represented by The Osbrink Talent Agency in LA, Evolution Talent Agency in the Southeast and DAN Talent Group in TN; and is managed by Apex Talent Group.
Thriller, Horror, Mystery
Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet - in her own family home.
USA, Canada
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